Traditions Addition

It’s a digital experience — and a natural one too. It comes from a very special place and it all begins with a story — it starts with a seed.
Starting Place
Pictured is the first tooth packet within the traditions addition package that would be placed underneath the pillow after your child looses their first tooth.
Addition Vol. 1
In replacement of that tooth is where the new addition to your current tradition begins.
Apparent Start
We have "a parent" experience that makes everything clear as day and gets it all started.
Transparent Experience
The starter experience shows the traditions addition has editions and options to remain unique for each individual and their interests.
Easy Additions
You purchase an addition at the loss of each tooth or other occasion so you can continue on or stop traditions addition at any time.
Simple Purpose
All proceeds generated go to the foundation programs, including the Tierra L. Dobry Scholarship Fund.
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Demo Version

Learn more about Traditions Addition in our demo version. It has
components from the full version that spans 7 years. Sign up today
to be notified once the version is available with the purpose to
raise funds for development costs.